An app to build your business

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Built Just For You

You Snap, you Txt, you Tweet, you Snap, you Selfie, you create. They may not understand you, but we sure do. You are the innovators. The creators. The mavericks. The independents.

Meet Indie. The all encompassing business app to empower the modern day, independent hustler. Indie gives you all the tools to compete with the suits, without becoming one.

A Cash Register

Cashing your clients out has never been quicker or easier. With built in credit card processing and email receipts, there's no need for a front desk or expensive and bulky hardware. Your have to experience it to believe it.

An Appointment Book

All the booking options you could need in the palm of your hand, with online appointment booking to allow your clients to book appointments even when you are not working.

A Lifestyle

Indie is more than just an app, it's a movement to empower the independent retailers. We give you the tools and motivation to compete against the big boys.

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Your Entire Business In Your Pocket

Indie has everything you need to run your business. From processing client credit cards, booking appointments, running reports, managing inventory, and a whole lot more.

Simple, yet powerful

Indie packs a wealth of feartures under the hood, allowing you to run your entire business with just a few taps.

Easy to set up

If you can post to Instagram, you can use Indie. Indie was built to be familiar, requiring virtually no training. Simply download Indie and start growing your business today.

Expressive, fun, and customizable

Don't let your software cramp your style. Finally a business app that knows how to accessorize.

Choose Your Color

Customize the look of Indie by picking the color that best expresses your style. Playful, animated transitions make using Indie an enjoyable experience.


Indie is ideal for virtually any profession. Salons, coffee shops, art fairs, food trucks, tattoo parlors, home repair, retail, apparel, and any business you can imagine.

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Awesome Features

Indie is packed with professional grade features to help run your business. Here are just a few of the many features Indie offers.

Appointment Book

Smart appointment booking, reoccurring bookings, block times, and a beautify visual appointment book.

Credit Card Processing

Lighting fast check out, with built in credit card processing, and the ability to store cards on file and charge back credit card fees.

Photo Lookup

Look up products by UPC using your camera. Check out customers quickly and securely using Indie's facial recognition.



Using push notifications, Smartwatch alerts, and emails, Indie keeps you in the loop on your business, while spending less time in the app.

Fast User Switching

Save money by sharing your device. Indie allows multiple users to share one device with secure, fast user switching.

No Monthly Fees!

Indie doesn't charge any monthly fees. Everything is offered free of charge with a valid merchant processing account.